It’s Technique Tuesday, and Natalie is here with a way to use memorabilia on a layout!
My daughter was pretty young when we took her to Disney World for the first time in 2016. At that age, every coloring page seems worth saving (especially to the child!). In the case of this one, it was part of the story of our dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern too, so I wanted to include it with this pocket layout.
Liberty Tree Tavern Pocket Layout by Natalie Strand
She had only really colored a portion of the picture, so I trimmed it down so that I could fit it into two horizontal 4×6 pockets. I used my photos to frame it, and I used neutral colors and accent colors that were darker but still coordinated with the red, blue, and green crayon coloring.
To tie those two pockets into the page, I created a feature cluster with a wood mouse piece and a gingham mouse applique layered over two strips of washioutside of the page protector! For a more important piece of memorabilia, this would be a great way to preserve it but still embellish it without causing any harm to the piece. In this case the coloring page is not that precious, but I wanted some texture on the outside of the page, and the washi strip helps to hold the vertical card to the right in its pocket, too!

I used similar elements in smaller clusters around the page: in each cluster, I used the same washi, a wooden element, and an aqua heart sticker in different configurations.

Note: I was provided products from Scraps & Ink Crafts at no cost as a member of the Disney Creative Co. design team.