Natalie is the expert when it comes to pocket pages and she shares her experience with us in today’s technique: Creating a Title Page Within A Pocket Page Protector. And, as a bonus, she has a special formula for creating the perfect pocket page! Keep reading!

It’s Technique Tuesday, and it’s Natalie here with some tips to create a title page within a pocket page protector in your Disney scrapbook!

When I laid out my plan for this Disney trip project, I decided to have sections for telling the story of each day. Since we went to a different WDW park each day, each title page highlights the icons of that particular park.

I’ve made two other title pocket pages for this project (Magic Kingdom day 1 and EPCOT), and I have developed a bit of a formula to follow so that there’s consistency throughout the albums. That formula stood me in good stead again for my Hollywood Studios title page, and that’s what I’m sharing today! 

“Hollywood Studios” with Natalie Strand

FORMULA #1 – Big Title Block

Of course, I have a big title block! Hollywood Studios is all about the movies and glamour of the film industry, so I chose to use the ‘film strip’ die cut and ‘viewfinder reel’ die cut from Scraps and Ink Crafts to create my main embellishments.

You can see that I cut one reel from patterned paper, and I also layered two reels cut from vellum for a backdrop to hold my title words. One layer of vellum was a bit too translucent, but two gives it enough opacity to be seen on the page and still allows a hint of the background patterned paper to show through.

#2 – Scenery Photos

Next, I gather any scenery photos that show off the park. We all know that the parks are so photogenic, and I take a lot of pictures just because everything looks so amazing! The title page is the perfect place to display them, because often there isn’t much of a story other than “look how pretty this is!” Here they form a column down the center of the page, and one of the empty park (since we arrived before rope drop for a breakfast reservation) takes a place of prominence in the upper left.

#3 – Family Photos

Then I gather any posed family photos from the day. Often the Photopass photographers are positioned in front of iconic backdrops, which are great for visually identifying the park. The day we were at Hollywood Studios, it was in the 50s and windy–unseasonably cold! My 4-year old daughter was not in the mood to have her picture taken, so it’s just me, my husband, and my son in these shots!

#4 & #5 – Date & Weather

In the rest of the space around my page, I make sure to include the date stamped on a label, and I’ve also been including a short sentence or two about the weather, since it had a big impact on our trip! Using similar embellishments around the page–in this case, in a diagonal across all the pockets–ties it all together!

So here’s the summary of my title page formula:

#1 Big Title Block 

#2 Scenery Photos From the Park 

#3 Family Photos in That Park’s Iconic Spots

#4 Date Stamped on a Label

#5 A Few Sentences About the Weather. 

Do you divide your Disney albums into sections? Do you make title pages? Tag us at on Instagram and Facebook so that we can see your creations!

Thanks again, Natalie, for sharing your wonderful techniques and tips on scrapbooking with pocket pages. You’ve inspired us all!

From all of us here at DCC, Have a Magical Day!

Scraps & Ink Crafts Products used:

Film Strip’ & ‘Viewfinder Reel’ metal cutting dies 

‘Coco/Fiesta’ washi tape