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Hi! My name is Tanya Royston and I’m a single Mom of one “grown up” man cub. When I first started scrapping, I only did mini albums until I finally ventured to layouts. Even then,  2x 2 seemed so large and I fell right into 8.5x 11 layouts instead.

Disney had been our family vacation for about  2 years. I’ve taken a break from both scrapping and Disney but I am now ready to charge back into both of my loves!



What is your favorite Disney movie and why?

“Favorite” is a strong word for my Disney obsession. Growing up my favorite movie was probably The Jungle Book. I loved Mowgli and Baloo together. To this day, I still refer to my son as my “Man Cub”. As I raised him, the movies we shared together are now my favorites. And I remember us singing and dancing to so much of Lilo & Stitch that it is now a “family” favorite. And the Incredibles was right there in his “superhero” wheelhouse.

Who is your favorite Disney character and why?

I wouldn’t say I have a favorite Disney character. But when I think about Disney in general, I always think about the mouse behind the mouse, Minnie!

When was the last time you were at a Disney Park?

May 2019.

What is your favorite ride/attraction at any Disney Park and why?

There’s that word again. And I’m really not trying to be difficult… Me and my son have had this discussion over the years and have assessed we have a favorite ride/attraction for each of the four Disney World parks. Magic Kingdom = Carousel of Progress, Epcot = Soarin’ over California, Hollywood Studios = Toy Story Mania, Animal Kingdom = It’s Tough to Be a Bug. Of course, we are not in agreement with the favorites but mother knows best.

Do you have a favorite restaurant or quick service location at a Disney Park?

One of our favorites has turned into Be Our Guest for breakfast before the park opens.

Are you a fan of the Disney Princesses? If so, which one and why?

Having a boy, Disney Princesses were not a priority. However, I have an affinity for the first black princess Tiana.

Do you have any Disney collections? If so, what do you collect?


Do you decorate with Disney during the holidays?

I do not.

How often do you go to a Disney Park? 

We stopped going regularly at one point when there were too major construction projects. However, I took my son every year from age 4- 6. That was our family vacation.

Rope drop or not?

Absolutely  100% rope drop.

Do you have a favorite night-time show? 

Spectro Magic was the first time my son’s eyes grew to saucer size on our very first trip. I still get a little misty eyed when I hear the music.

Do you have a tradition when you are at a Disney Park (the “must-do” list)? 

Our #1  tradition is the first night we do Mickey’s Philharmagic as the last attraction. Also, our “downtime” tradition is to ride the People Mover followed by Carousel of Progress. Best in-park break ever!

What is your favorite land and why?

I would have to say Tomorrowland at night.

Do you hunt for hidden Mickey’s?

I don’t hunt them but definitely notice them in the oddest places.

Do you have a favorite time of year to go to a Disney Park?

I’ve been at many different times and October continues to be my favorite.

How old were you the first time you went to a Disney Park and what is your first memory?

I was young adult around 20.

What’s your favorite traditional Disney treat?

I haven’t really indulged in too many traditional treats I’m finding out. Usually, we have the meal plan and after two meals a day it doesn’t leave much room for “treats.” A few trips back, we did find a wonderful popcorn truck in Epcot with savory flavors.

Have you ever made a copy-cat Disney food item at home?

I have made a copy-cat grilled cheese with success.

Do you have any pets named after a Disney character?

My cat’s middle name is Thor’s Hammer. Does that count?

What is your ideal Disney Park day?

My ideal day involves any day that’s not too hot or crowded. What I love most about Disney is the fact I’ve been numerous times, but each trip has been unique. It’s all about the magic for me.

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