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Hi Y’all, I’m Lacey, a mom of two wonderful kids. Lynndsie is 18 and Channing is 9. A wife to Derrick and a dog mom to Lady and Lilo. We love EVERYTHING Disney. I’m originally from Florida and moved to the boot (that’s Louisiana) in my later teen years. Although I had never been to a Disney Park ’til I was an adult I somehow fell in love and have never looked back! We are Passholders and try to go “Home” whenever we can. Scrapbooking is my passion and I enjoy creating with paper, it soothes my soul. I like clean and simple scrapbooking and will often be caught using a solid white cardstock as the starting point of my creation. I love using mixed media on my pages and reliving all the Disney memories as I lock them down on paper.

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1. What is your favorite Disney movie and why?

Lion King. I think because I was the perfect age when it came out and it just stuck with me through the years.

2. Who is your favorite Disney character and why?

Mickey of course, because it all started with a mouse. I’m very traditional I guess, and I like the classic iconic Mickey.

3. When was the last time you were at a Disney Park?

September 2019.

4. What is your favorite ride/attraction at any Disney Park and why?

I really like Flight of Passage. It combines the smells and VR that makes you believe you are in a different place all together.

5. Do you have a favorite restaurant or quick service location at a Disney Park?

One of our favorites is the Hoop-Dee-Doo Review.

6. Are you a fan of the Disney Princesses? If so, which one and why?

Belle all the way! She just has a certain class about her that makes her who she is, humble and kind.

7. Do you have any Disney collections? If so, what do you collect?

I collect ears and keys!

8. Do you decorate with Disney during the holidays?

No, not typically.

9. How often do you go to a Disney Park? 

We try to go twice a year but the last few years we have skipped.

10. Rope drop or not?

Not my thing! I prefer closing down the park!

11. Do you have a favorite night-time show? 

Rivers of Light.

12. Do you have a tradition when you are at a Disney Park (the “must-do” list)? 

Of course! Going to see Mickey at Town Square Theater always!

13. What is your favorite land and why?

Frontierland. All the rides just can’t be beat!

14. Do you hunt for hidden Mickey’s?

Is that even a question?! Of course we do!

15. Do you have a favorite time of year to go to a Disney Park?

Yep! Fall – end of September and any time in October.

16. How old were you the first time you went to a Disney Park and what is your first memory?

I was 18.

17. What’s your favorite traditional Disney treat?

Mickey Pretzel.

18. Have you ever made a copy-cat Disney food item at home?

I haven’t tried yet, but my family loves POG juice and I have a few recipes saved!

19. Do you have any pets named after a Disney character?

Yes! Both! We have a Lady and a Lilo.

20. What is your ideal Disney Park day?

Magic Kingdom or bust! Just spending the day walking, riding, shopping, and eating.

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