Todays ‘Product Spotlight’ is a very versatile washi tape set – ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

In addition to the very recognizable figure of ‘Alice’, these patterns can be used with many other themes. 

Alice in Wonderland Washi Tape

Alice in Wonderland 1

Diamonds, hearts, clubs, and spades are not just for games, but all types of fun! And, don’t forget the stripes!

Alice in Wonderland 3

The ‘Alice in Wonderland’ washi tape set, like all of the washi sets at the Scraps and Ink Crafts Etsy shop, has six hand-wound spools of 4-foot continuous lengths of .59” wide washi tape.

So, when you’re making your projects you won’t run out but you won’t have large spools of leftovers either.

It’s the perfect solution!

Alice in Wonderland 2

Use ‘Alice in Wonderland’ washi to memorialize your next trip to a Disney park, on invitations for game night, a New Year’s favor for guests, a birthday party banner, or as an entire gift for your crafty friends…there are so many possibilities!!Alice in Wonderland 4We would love to see how you use the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ washi tape on your next project.

And, if you paired it with the ‘Alice in Teapot’ metal cutting die it will be even more fabulous!

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From all of us here at DCC, have a magical day!