This Exclusive metal cutting die kicks off our “Nightmare Before Christmas” product spotlights for this week. But, you’ll not find a single nightmare here! Nope, just a cute ‘Oogie’s Bash’ metal cutting die. 

‘Oogies Bash’ metal cutting die

Oogie's Bash 1

This die cut was especially made for our sister site, Scraps & Ink Crafts, Etsy shop. You won’t find it anywhere else. So, if you want it, it’s just one click away. Go for it!

Oogie's Bash 2

Here is a card made by Nancy, that features the ‘Oogie’s Bash’ die cut. You can see that Nancy used ombre paper which makes the image and the text look different even though it was only one cut. Very cool!

Oogie's Bash 3

Oogie’s Bash’ measures 2.75” wide and just under 4.5” tall. This will fit onto something as small as a 3”x5” index card and also be amazing on a large tag, gift card, or a scrapbook page. 

Oogie's Bash 5

An image of a fabric scented sachet with the ‘Oogie’s Bash‘ image sewn on top just popped into my head…but, NOT filled with bugs. Nope! I like vanilla scented sachets. This has interesting possibilities. What do you think? A fun twist on an air freshener for your car? My brain goes in weird directions sometimes, but that’s how amazing things become reality! 

What other crafts would you make with this ‘Oogie’s Bash’ metal cutting die? Share your ideas and finished projects with us on Instagram and Facebook!

From all of us here at DCC, Have a Magical Day!