I was contemplating the message behind the Disney movie, Coco, and how it’s about appreciating family, loving them unconditionally, and remembering them even after they’re gone. It’s about celebrating relationships both in the present and in the past. That’s what makes this ‘Coco Fiesta’ washi tape set so special! It’s a celebration of color and tradition to help memorialize important family events. 

‘Coco Fiesta’ washi tapeCoco Washi 1

Not sure what I mean by that? Well, It could be used to create invitations to a family party. Or, as embellishments on a special scrapbook page commemorating a loved one. How about putting it on a gift tag and attach it to your special someone’s birthday present. And then, there is the obvious, to use it during the Day of the Dead holiday this November, in celebration of those who have passed on.

Coco Washi 3

However you celebrate your family, we want to help you commemorate those memories. That’s why we’re grateful to Scraps & Ink Crafts for providing such wonderful, quality products to help make that easier.

Coco Washi 2The colors in ‘Coco Fiesta’ washi tape are bright and welcoming. Welcoming us to preserve and remember those family members we cherish in our arms and in our hearts.

Coco 4Do you know who you’re going to be remembering this coming November 1st? Do you have plans on how you’re going to celebrate those you love? If you would share your inspirations with us we’d love to celebrate with you. Tag us on Facebook or Instagram and we’ll help you honor those you love.

From all of us here at DCC, Have a Magical Day!