We’re continuing the Haunted Mansion theme in today’s Product Spotlight, but instead of highlighting only one product, we’re highlighting FIVE!!! We have too many items for the month of October so we’re quintupling up. Thank you to Scraps & Ink Crafts for having so many amazing items!

Definition: Quintupling, v. 1. Being five times as great or as many, 2. Having five units or members, 3. Marked by five beats per measure quintuple meter. (Origin: Latin) merriam-webster.com.

First up…Haunted Mansion ‘GLOW IN THE DARK’ flexible silicone embellishments – with a BONUS! These are so fun! My daughter and I “charged” these up and had fun turning off the lights to see them “glow”. These are brand new in the Scraps & Ink Crafts Etsy shop. They’ve been listed for less than 48 hours! 

Haunted Mansion ‘Glow in the Dark’ flexible silicone embellishments

Haunted Mansion Glow in the Dark 1

Haunted Mansion Glow in the Dark

Next we have Haunted Mansion ‘Madame Leota’ acrylic embellishments. You can ‘summon’ these to come to you like Madame Leota summons the ghosts at the Haunted Mansion by clicking on the link!

Haunted Mansion ‘Madame Leota’ acrylic embellishments

Haunted Mansion Madame Leota

Third…We’ve summoned the Haunted Mansion ‘Hat Box Ghost’ acrylic embellishments to add to your next paper project. We’ve already highlighted these before, but they’re worth another mention. Take a peek at a previous blog post, by designer Heather Ribble, for some Haunted Mansion inspiration.

Haunted Mansion ‘Hat Box Ghost’ acrylic embellishments

Haunted Mansion Hat Box Ghost

These Haunted Mansion ‘Stretching Portraits’ acrylic embellishments are easy to own and a great addition to your Haunted Mansion stash. It’s not a stretch to get them for yourself.

Haunted Mansion ‘Stretching Portraits’ acrylic embellishments

Haunted Mansion Stretching Portraits

And, Finally…Haunted Mansion ‘Icons’ acrylic embellishments, which can be added to anything Haunted Mansion. Like all of our acrylic embellishments, these are 2mm thick and won’t bulk up your scrapbook pages, journals, cards, gifts, etc.

Haunted Mansion ‘Icons’ acrylic embellishments

 Haunted Mansion Icons

Well, what do you think? Aren’t they fabulous!?! And, we all learned a new word today! That’s my homeschooling Mom persona coming forth. Thanks for indulging me.

Are you going to get all five? Yes! I have all five too! What are you going to use them on? Share all your projects with us on Facebook and Instagram!

From all of us at DCC, Have a Magical Day!