This page uses lots of colors and patterns to celebrate our “Ultimate” day at Disney!

I chose to use these colorful stickers representing each of the four different Walt Disney World theme parks as my starting point. I decided to create a background that was equally as colorful by using lots of different patterns. This seemed like it might be a challenge, so I knew I needed to stay in a color “family”, such as brights, pastels, or the jewel tones I ended up using to keep it from being too visually overwhelming.


I used three different letter types for the title. “Ultimate” is a silhouette-cut font, “Disney” is a purchased layered accent, and “guides” is created with alphabet block-style stickers.

It’s always fun to use different fonts or lettering styles for each word in a multi-word title such as this. The more varied the styles, the greater the visual impact.


Whenever we travel, I am always looking for things that I could later incorporate into a scrapbook page. I was delighted when I found these park-exclusive sticker packs with stickers of all four parks. Such a lucky find!

Do you have a multi-word title or phrase you could change up by using different fonts or lettering styles? We’d love for you to share it with us in our gallery!