Unfortunately, this grassy area where we I took these photos near the Morocco Pavilion in EPCOT no longer exists. That’s okay, however, because it didn’t really offer much shade for the girls on this super-HOT day!


The title word “Sun” was cut from a gold satin finish glitter sheet because I didn’t want it to be too sparkly and wanted it to match other embellishments I was planning on using. I hand-drew the title and created a cut file from it so I could use it in layers. For the actual sun on my page, I cut and layered a circle and added elongated triangles for the “rays”. I chose these deep, burnt orange patterned papers to convey the intensity of the sun. Did I mention that it was HOT that day?!


I had this piece of heavier clear vinyl with the gold foil pattern in my stash and knew it would be perfect for this page! The foil printing is a satin finish gold like my title. Want to know a little secret? It was cut from a bag used in a Bath & Body Works gift set that was given to me years ago. I can’t even remember the scent of the products, but the bag was a keeper! I’m always keeping an eye out for interesting and non-traditional item I can use in different craft projects and scrapbook pages!


The bottom corner looked like it needed a bit of color, so I used a large satin finish flower sequin and other smaller sequins that matched the page.

Have you ever used non-traditional materials on your own scrapbook pages? We’d love to see it, so upload your images to the gallery and tell us about it!