As soon as I saw this die, I envisioned those adorable balloons filled with colorful confetti and glitter!  It took a bit of time and patience to turn this Pooh Bear die into a “shaker” piece but soooo worth it!


The frame and insert would be adorable in a child’s room decorated with primary colors, but it could be made in any number of color combinations to match any décor and be given as a special gift for a new parent. How about the Pooh Bear outline cut from a faded butter yellow wearing a light sage top? Balloons filled with vintage German glass glitter and tiny white pearls? So many possibilities!


To create the filled balloons, I die cut five of my images out of white cardstock. I kept one complete image intact with BOTH Pooh Bear and balloons and then cut the balloons from the other four images. The four balloon sections would be what I would use to stack and glue in layers to create the depth needed to fill my balloons. This technique is detailed below:


1. I backed the bottom-most balloon section with white vellum, adhering with a thin bead of glue to keep the filler inside the balloons as I assembled them and trimmed the excess.
2. I continued to stack and glue three more balloon sections.
3. My filler- tiny bits of confetti and glitter- were added inside my four stacked balloon sections.
4. A thin sheet of clear acetate was placed on top of the stack and adhered with a tiny bead of craft glue. I trimmed off any excess acetate.
5. I covered the acetate with the fifth and final COMPLETE die cut of Pooh Bear and balloons and adhered it to the acetate with a tiny bead of glue.


I added foam mounting tape behind the red shirt to create the illusion of Pooh Bear floating through the air with his balloons.

I really do love how this turned out and can’t wait to experiment with more color combinations and balloon fillers! Want to give this a try? Share your creations with us in our gallery!