Crafting Disney DIY Christmas Magic!!


I remember when these figurines first came out as Happy Meal toys for Disney’s “100 Years of Magic” in 2002. Disney released 100 different characters that year! My daughters were still little and I wasn’t actively trying to collect them, so we only ended up with four or five total.

It wasn’t until years later that I happened upon a few more in a thrift store one Spring day and thought it might be fun to turn them into ornaments for the following Christmas. At that time, we couldn’t afford the super fancy and expensive Christmas ornaments sold in the parks, but I really wanted to decorate a “Disney Tree” for my girls, so this seemed like a good alternative. Once I set my mind to it, the hunt was on for EVERY SINGLE ONE of the 100 different Happy Meal toys!

My husband helped in the hunt and we scoured every thrift store and garage sale we came across all summer long! I kept a record of which of the 100 different Disney characters we had and still needed to locate. EBay quickly became my preferred hunting ground for the hard-to-find characters.

They really are cute, aren’t they? Time to hack them apart!

Removing the plastic base was just a matter of making a few cuts with a SHARP knife! This is always my LEAST favorite part! You could leave the base, but I prefer them without it.


I added a tiny eye screw to the top of each character for a ribbon loop, touched up a few areas with a bit of glitter paint (this Goofy has a sparkly green hat now), and added fun Christmas “accessories” to each one with super glue. These little odds and ends can be found with other miniatures in any hobby and craft store and are often on clearance after the holidays!


I try to come up with new ways to alter them so each one is unique. These are just a few of my faves! Adding tiny strands of Christmas lights is easy and always makes the characters turn out so cute. 🙂 These are really fun to hang on the tree and people can’t believe they are simple Happy Meal toys and not expensive ornaments.

Although it took years to find and altered all 100 characters, I’m now slowly tracking down a second and third complete set to alter so that each of my daughters can have them for their own tree someday!


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