Well, hello there! Glad to see you!

Are you ready for another challenge here at Disney Creative Company? I sure am! But first, let me ask you a question:

What does EVERYBODY have in their stash (and if you are anything like me) that you started collecting when you were much, much younger and the discovery of one of these flat little colorful images adhering itself to just about ANY surface was pure magic?

Perhaps your first was of the “scratch-and-sniff” variety. That grape seemed to last well past there was anything left TO scratch! Leather boot? Ummm…no. SKUNK? Ewe…GROSS! Bubblegum? A sickly, sugary concoction that should have stayed in the candy isle and out of the stationary isle.

Maybe your fave was a coveted prize dug from the bottom of a cereal box? Or how about the seemingly endless rolls of rainbow hearts and photo-real kittens that you could just tear off a single, precious section for the 50 cents you earned from babysitting? Mrs. Grossman’s, we’re looking at you! Remember the hand-written sign taped to the wall nearby?: “You tear it, you buy it!”.  A threat my 10-year-old self took VERY seriously. Ah…the memories!

So let this challenge inspire you to get out that stash and stick, stick, stick your way through this week’s challenge and earn one more entry into the monthly prize drawing! Bonus point if you use a Mickey-shaped sticker! After all, we ARE a bit Disney-obsessed ’round here!

Check out the Design Team’s awesome pages featuring stickers!

“I Love Mickey” by Heather Ribble:

Heather’s use of stickers for this challenge gives us absolutely fantastic clusters in the top left and bottom right corners of her page. The single, fun photo with Mickey Mouse is front and center so it does not need to compete visually with the other elements and accents.

“I Love Mickey” by Heather Ribble- close-up:

The black and white stars washi from the Colorful Mickey Mouse washi set is a perfect little touch! Washi is like one long sticker roll!

“Remember” by Jackie Ashton:

Jackie also chose to create clusters of stickers, but she focused hers at the top of her page, just above this sweet photo of her and her son. Jackie’s placement of the colorful embellishments here are reminiscent of confetti and balloons bursting our from the top of a fun gift box! We love that she created a focal resting place for the viewer’s eyes by using the black silhouette die cut across the bottom of her page.

“Happy Birthday to Me!” by Michelle Sinclair:

Sunny, colorful birthday vibes are what we’re getting from this adorable page! Lots of layers of fun, brightly colored stickers are an excellent way to convey the magic of a birthday spent with Mickey and Minnie! That confetti-filled Mickey shaker from Scraps & Ink Crafts is so perfect for this page!

“Happy Birthday to Me!” by Michelle Sinclair- close-up 1:

Michelle has never been one to shy away from pops of color and whimsical elements, and we LOVE it!

“Happy Birthday to Me!” by Michelle Sinclair- close-up 2:

Michelle used such a great mix of stickers! Transparent, gold embossed, word strips, glitter alpha letters….dare I say that Michelle used just about every kind of sticker on this fantastic page? There are no hard and fast rules to the “type” of sticker you can use for this challenge, so let this inspire you to mix it up!

“Jasmine” by Emily Adams:

Can we just stop for a moment and talk about the gorgeous-ness of this page that Emily created? The rich, jewel tones are simply divine!

“Jasmine” by Emily Adams- close-up 1:

LOVE the tone-on-tone patterned papers Emily used throughout this page! Each one is more lovely than the last! And hello? Cutest camel sticker ever!!!

“Jasmine” by Emily Adams- close-up 2:

The sticker elements are perfectly placed to create a beautiful balance to the entire page! Horizontal paper strips below the photo and layered washi tape from Scraps & Ink Crafts at the bottom of the page helps to “ground” the other elements visually, giving the eyes a place to rest. This technique is good to incorporate when using lots of colors and patterns.

“Food and Wine” by Vicki Von Richter:

We are digging the adorable bee and stars stickers Vicki used on her page!

“Travel Magic” by Natalie Strand:

Can you spot all of the different “sticker” ephemera that Natalie used on her pocket page? Besides the round Mickey stickers, I spy bag tag stickers and even a luggage claim ticket sticker!

“Travel Magic” by Natalie Strand- close-up 1:

These two adorable Mickey stickers are regularly handed out to Disney’s youngest guests and just-so-happen make excellent page embellishments! The glittery red mouse head applique is from Scraps & Ink Crafts and comes in LOTS of sparkly colors for all kinds of pages and projects!

“Travel Magic” by Natalie Strand- close-up 2:

I also spy a really cute die cut tag Natalie used as a fun page accent!  This versatile cutting die from Scraps & Ink Crafts can be used for sooooo many things! Dress it up or dress it down, it’s the perfect size to add a pop of interest and color to your pocket pages.

“Travel Magic” by Natalie Strand- close-up 3:

Natalie used the reverse bits of the die cut tag to create the perfect journaling spot!

“Travel Magic” by Natalie Strand- close-up 4:

So many cute stickers and layered elements on Natalie’s fun page about her family’s stay in Wilderness Lodge! We just love them all!

Now it’s your turn to play along for your chance to win authentic Disney merchandise:

Use your sticker stash to create something truly magical and “Disney-inspired.” Participants will have until the end of the month to complete the challenge and upload it to the gallery and forum to receive one entry into the monthly drawing.

As always, even though we are a “tad” partial to scrapbooking, we also love to see a variety of craft projects, so sky’s the limit on what you can create for this challenge!

For more detailed instructions on how to participate visit the FORUM.

Deadline to enter is Friday, February 4th 11:59 PM (MDT).

Good luck and have a magical day!