Thanks to Cassandra and Kenzi over at Details2Enjoy for sponsoring another fun craft we adapted with a subtle nod to Disney! I used one of their adorable DIY kits that included “almost” everything I needed put this DIY Pocket Frame together in no time!


Look at that cute little house frame and felt flower that came in the DIY kit! Not to mention the back panel insert that has grooves pre-cut into it to look like shiplap. Love! This kit is very versatile “as-is”, but I think it will be even better once I add my own fun little Disney touch.


A bit of white paint and I was well on my way!


I love the look of painted and distressed accents, so once I let a second coat of paint dry, I sanded just enough to give it a worn look. The grooves in the board did collect some paint making them less visible, so I ran the end of a paper clip along each groove to remove the excess and make them stand out.


The little house frame got a couple coats of paint as well. Black will definitely stand out more easily against the white background.


The house also gets a bit of sanding to match the aged and distressed look I was going for.


Each kit comes with a template so you know exactly the right placement of the elements in the kit. No more guesswork hoping that your pieces will be centered. Bonus: Each piece in the kit also has a peel-and-stick backing so there is no messy glue! LOVE that!


Once the little house frame was firmly attached to the insert, I was ready to add the felt pieces from the kit and this fluffy little burgundy faux fur Mickey applique. The rolled rose tutorial can be found on the D2E website. I need those roses in every color!


All the little pieces were attached to the insert with glue dots and my insert was complete!


As tempting as it was to leave the D2E Pocket Frame completely natural, I decided it needed a dark stain for a more finished look and to show case the insert.


A little word about wood stain: Correction. A little word about DARK wood stain: WEAR GLOVES. Just wear them. You’ll thank me later.


Once the wood stain is dry (really dry), you are ready to add your insert, attach the top, and display your fun new DIY Mouse House Pocket Frame!


I’ve loved working with products by D2E! They were the first to perfect the pocket frame concept and they offer a variety of inserts from holiday icons to whimsical sayings, and everything in between so you never run out of change-up options. This little mouse house looks perfect sitting on a shelf in the entryway of my home, but you can bet I’m making inserts for each season or whatever mood I’m in!