This is a great project for any age to add a bit of Disney magic to your home. I chose to create this project with vibrant colors, but you could use a different color palette to match your own décor.


To begin, I chose a 14.5”x 18” thrift store frame that I spray painted a glossy peacock blue. I knew this would be a fun color to showcase my paper punched Mickeys and pop against my aqua wall.


Next, I measured a piece of plain white poster board that I had already cut to fit inside my frame. Using a pencil, I marked the edges that would be hidden behind the lip of the frame. This was to denote the edge of the frame opening and where I would start my measurements. I did this VERY lightly with my pencil since I knew my lines would need to be erased later.


I punched several Mickeys out of a variety of patterned paper using a large paper punch.


Since I already knew the size of the Mickeys I would be using, I marked a grid on the poster board measuring from the frame opening lightly with a pencil.


This took the most time as I kept moving the Mickeys around until I found a layout I liked best! You can use any shape of punch that you would like, and in any size, but make sure to mark your grid on your poster board accordingly.


Next, I attached each Mickey to the poster board with craft glue, erasing the grid lines as I went. (This is when you find out how important it was to draw your grid lines LIGHTLY with your pencil!)


I placed the original glass back inside my painted frame, followed by the poster board and then used glazier tabs to hold it in all in place. Since my frame was solid oak, and the glass was quite thick, the finished piece was heavier than I expected! Because of this, I decided to finish off the back with hanging hardware screwed solidly into the frame. The heavier your frame, the sturdier the hardware needs to be!


To create a focal point in the upper left of my new Mickey art, I added two extra black glitter cardstock Mickeys that I had punched out and a little red glitter heart using foam mounting tape on the OUTSIDE of the glass. If you do not use glass in your frame, you can simply attach these directly to a Mickey on the poster board.


This is such a fun way to add pops of color anywhere you need it to liven up your decor! I chose bright and colorful patterns, but you could use any colors of paper with any color of frame.


Planning on making your own Framed Mickeys? We’d love to see what you come up with, so feel free to share your images in our gallery.