I wanted to make a fun pin board to display the pins that the boys have collected over the years. Since it would be displayed prominently in our entryway, I also wanted it to look good with the shabby-chic décor of our home.

I gathered all my supplies, which included a vintage frame, pressboard, corkboard, white spray paint, adhesive, unfinished wooden décor piece and a padded mouse applique for embellishment.

For all my pieces, I used an all-purpose semi-gloss enamel, but you can use a variety of spray paints, chalk paint or whatever you like.

Once the paint was completely dry, I used a strong multi-surface adhesive to attach my decorative wood décor piece along the top edge of my frame. I finished embellishing my frame by adding my painted mouse applique in the center.

The wooden décor piece matches the frame perfectly!

Finally, I glued the cork board and press board together and cut it to fit the frame, securing it with framing hardware before hanging it on the wall of our entryway. This was a fun and easy project to display all the Disney pins that we have collected over the years, and it looks right at home with our other décor! Have fun and be sure to share your own completed pin board projects!