A topiary in fresh spring colors can brighten any table or display! And the best part- these spring flowers won’t wilt!


For the topiary, I used one 4.7” foam ball and two smaller 3” foam balls.


I also used about 150 paper flowers in small and medium sizes (3/4” and 1½”).

I chose spring colors, but other colors can be used to match any décor or holiday. Red Poinsettias for Christmas would be just beautiful!


The wooden dowel I used for this topiary was cut to about 7.5” in length. For taller topiaries, simply use a longer dowel.


I inserted the dowel directly into the center of the largest foam ball and pushed it through to the other side to mark my center. Then I removed the dowel.

*IMPORTANT: Do not use adhesive or attach the dowel to the foam ball until the very last step!


Using a marker, I drew 1” circles onto the foam ball at about 2” from either side of the center hole. I also drew a single 1” circle on both of the smaller foam balls (not shown).

After inserting the dowel back into the foam ball, I used my thumb to press firmly inside the circles to create shallow indents. This is where the smaller foam balls will be attached to the larger foam ball in a later step.

The dowel is only inserted into the foam ball during this step to aid in handling so as not to crush the more delicate paper flowers.


I began attaching the medium paper flowers to the large foam ball with my glue gun, avoiding my thumb indents.


I kept adding additional medium size flowers, avoiding the indents and slightly overlapping as I went.


Once covered, there were only a few small gaps between my flowers.


Using the small flowers, I filled in fill in any visible gaps and areas between the medium flowers until the topiary was as full as I wanted.


I covered the two smaller foam balls the same way as the larger foam ball, avoiding the thumb indents.


After adding hot glue to the indents in my large foam ball, I lined up the indents on the smaller foam balls and pressed them together firmly until secure.


For this display, I simply placed it on a cupcake stand with a bit of greenery and these adorable spring chicks!


Another nice way to display this topiary is to attach it to the dowel and add it to a bit of greenery inside a lovely vase.

Don’t you just love this Springtime Topiary? Do you have a spring project you’ve recently made? We’d love for you to share it with us in our gallery.