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Whether it’s a subtle nod or in your face M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E, check out these great ideas to sprinkle a bit of Pixie Dust in your own home and get your craft on!

rope wreath

BY NANCY BURKE For a subtle bit of Disney magic, this small natural rope wreath is a perfect addition to your home décor. The base of the wreath is made from flexible foam dowels. They are sold in packs of five at most fabric stores, but you will only need two. Flexible foam dowels are typically used for making cosplay costumes, but they can be used for a wide variety of other crafts and projects! These foam dowels can be cut using a standard pair of scissors. Cut dowels into one 15.5” length, and two

love letter frame

BY NANCY BURKE This framed home décor piece was a perfect project for Valentine’s Day! Continue reading to see how I turned a kit by Details2Enjoy into a fun project to show my love for Disney! This project uses a Pocket Frame and “Love Letter DIY Insert Kit” by Details2Enjoy as well as unfinished Mickey and Minnie wooden pieces from Scraps & Inks Crafts. The frame, kit and pieces all come unfinished, so the possibilities are truly endless to create your very own custom work of art! Since I wanted to create a piece that allowed the

love tray sign

BY NANCY BURKE I gave this thrift store find a little makeover to include a subtle nod to Disney and learned an important lesson on perseverance along the way. I was elated when I found this wall sign that looked like a little handled tray at a thrift store with a price tag of only $2. ONLY $2! I snatched it up and headed home with my new treasure-my head swimming with possibilities! Although this sign was in great shape “as-is”, I automatically envisioned the letter “O” in the word “LOVE” becoming a classic Mickey shape. I

mouse house

BY NANCY BURKE Thanks to Cassandra and Kenzi over at Details2Enjoy for sponsoring another fun craft we adapted with a subtle nod to Disney! I used one of their adorable DIY kits that included “almost” everything I needed put this DIY Pocket Frame together in no time! Look at that cute little house frame and felt flower that came in the DIY kit! Not to mention the back panel insert that has grooves pre-cut into it to look like shiplap. Love! This kit is very versatile “as-is”, but I think it will be even better once I add

framed mickeys

BY NANCY BURKE This is a great project for any age to add a bit of Disney magic to your home. I chose to create this project with vibrant colors, but you could use a different color palette to match your own décor. To begin, I chose a 14.5”x 18” thrift store frame that I spray painted a glossy peacock blue. I knew this would be a fun color to showcase my paper punched Mickeys and pop against my aqua wall. Next, I measured a piece of plain white poster board that I had already cut

felt flower mickey

BY NANCY BURKE A bright and colorful framed flower cluster is actually a “not-so-hidden” Mickey! For this project, I used sheets of craft felt in a variety of bright colors to make my flowers, added them to the red polka dot paper and placed them inside a vintage frame that I painted a bright white. Following the patterns above, I cut out my flower petal layers, centers, leaves and base. I used an embroidery needle and embroidery floss to add a running stitch along the bottom edge of each flower petal layer, spacing my stitching

fancy pinboard

BY KRISTIN FOUGERON I wanted to make a fun pin board to display the pins that the boys have collected over the years. Since it would be displayed prominently in our entryway, I also wanted it to look good with the shabby-chic décor of our home. I gathered all my supplies, which included a vintage frame, pressboard, corkboard, white spray paint, adhesive, unfinished wooden décor piece and a padded mouse applique for embellishment. For all my pieces, I used an all-purpose semi-gloss enamel, but you can use a variety of spray paints, chalk paint or whatever

minnie wreath

BY KRISTIN FOUGERON A lovely hoop wreath is a quick and easy way to add a soft touch of Disney to your spring décor! This was a fun little craft that did not take up much time and did not need much to make it! I used flowers that I already had lying around, along with some burlap ribbon, three store-bought embroidery hoops, and a cute little padded Mouse head applique. The sizes of embroidery hoops that I used were 8 inch (1 for the head) and 4 inch (2 for the ears). I used a

spring topiary

BY NANCY BURKE A topiary in fresh spring colors can brighten any table or display! And the best part- these spring flowers won’t wilt! For the topiary, I used one 4.7” foam ball and two smaller 3” foam balls. I also used about 150 paper flowers in small and medium sizes (3/4” and 1½”). I chose spring colors, but other colors can be used to match any décor or holiday. Red Poinsettias for Christmas would be just beautiful! The wooden dowel I used for this topiary was cut to about 7.5” in length. For

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