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  • Nancy Burke
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    I thought this would be a good place to discuss the festivities scheduled to take place at Walt Disney World for their 50th Anniversary. Are you planning on going? If so, what are you looking forward to/expecting/disappointed in? Have you seen the merchandise sneaks? Impressed or no? Anything you can’t live without?

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    We are going! I have a general countdown (nothing booked yet) of 305 days. My plan is to do 2 main scavenger hunts – all 50 Fab Five Golden Statues and to collect as many of the Collectors Medallions as we can. I’m hoping to snag a few of them commemorating the 50th, but I still want some general ones too.
    I think out of the merchandise that I have seen so far, I would only be interested in a new set of 50th ears, if they come out.

    Kristin Fougeron
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    I love the ears also and for sure want the spirit jersey!! Can not wait to see what else they come out with!!

    Rachel Taylor
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    We’re going next August-God willing , I’m already planning it .we’re from Uk so go for 14 nights ,staying at Beach Club . Looking forward to the gold statues ,what are the medallions we can collect? I love collecting Disney stuff 😁. I’m not terribly impressed with the 50th merch I think it’s a bit boring all blue , I would have loved it in Mary Blair small world colours

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    We’re headed down for Halloween 🎃. Plan to get there a couple days beforehand and drink around Epcot on Halloween. But I’m crossing my fingers that things don’t get shut down again

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    ok… so I was scheduled to go May 2020. World ended. October 2020. Again, world still ending. LOL Then April 2021. Canadians still banned. Dec 2021. Kid not vaccinated. NOOOOWWW I am schedule for May 2022. And man, I am going. I don’t even care anymore. I will go alone lol

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    After many cancelled trips, we are back in January (fingers & toes crossed) we are buzzing for the 50th and just hope the parades and fireworks are on! Although I’d prefer to have meet and greets back (I’m rubbish at selfies)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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