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    1. Play nice and don’t throw sand in the sand box. It really is THAT easy!
    2. Don’t say it to someone online if you wouldn’t say it to their face. (Pretty much the EXACT same thing as rule #1) And, btw, if you WOULD say it to their face, knowing full well that it would really hurt their feelings; you need therapy and NOT a forum.
    3. NO discussions of politics. NONE. ZERO. NADA. Someone will inevitably disagree with you and get your undies in a bunch, so just don’t even go there.
    4. NO discussing religion. Ever. (Please see rule #3)
    5. NO soliciting. We really don’t like it when people do that.
    6. Go back and read rules 1-5. They’re EXACTLY the same as Rule #6.
    7. Share cute pics of cute puppies doing cute things… and share them often. Kittens are OK.
    8. Have a sense of humor‘ cuz you’ll need it to navigate the forum, and nobody likes a “Negative Nellie.” (sorry Nellie!)
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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