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  • Nancy Burke
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    Did you know that you can add images directly into our forum? Yup! It’s just a few easy clicks once you get the hang of it!

    This is a great way to share the images you’ve submitted to one of our fun weekly challenges and allows others to comment on your gallery submission directly, i.e.- leave ya’ some luv!!!

    So here we go!

    Step 1. First and foremost, UPLOAD your images to the gallery HERE!

    If you are uploading an image for the weekly challenge to win the monthly PRIZE, the following is VERY important:

    Make sure to label the image (give your image a name/title/etc.) with the corresponding challenge you are participating in! For example, my uploaded scrapbook page is labeled: “July Sketch Challenge- Nancy Burke” because I created it to play along with that particular sketch challenge listed in the forum. I could have also labeled it: “FRIENDS-July Sketch Challenge”. Either one works! When you’ve label your images correctly, we know that you are participating in the challenge and want to win the monthly PRIZE!

    Easy-peasy! The next few steps are cake! CAKE, I tell ya’!!

    Step 2. When uploading is complete, right click on your image. A window will pop up with several options. (Yours might look slightly different than mine in the example below). Select “Copy image address” (this is also known as the image ‘URL’).


    forum tutorial image 1

    Step 3. Go to the forum and click on the corresponding discussion thread where you would like your image to appear. For example: If you want to submit your gallery image for the July Sketch Challenge, click on the July Incredi-Sketch challenge thread. Choose the “reply” option at the beginning of the thread (this is found in the grey bar at the top of the discussion) to open a new reply window.


    forum tutorial image 2

    Step 4. Once you have opened the reply window, LEFT click the little ‘img’ button at the top of the reply window. A new window will open at the top of your screen asking you to “Enter URL of the image”. This ‘URL’ is the image address you just copied in step 2. Paste your image URL into the field and click “OK”.


    forum tutorial image 3

    Step 5. IMPORTANT!- Lastly, click the “SUBMIT” button at the bottom of the page! If you don’t click the “SUBMIT” button and leave the page, it will not save your reply to the forum thread and you’ll have to do it all over again (((I am making a sad face just thinking about it))).

    That’s it! Now we can view your images right in the forum thread and leave ya’ some luv!

    Have a magical day!

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    I didn’t realize we needed to label the Gallery entries with the weekly/monthly challenge name…is there a way to update an upload to the Gallery at all?

    Kristin Fougeron
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    No worries…we can figure it out!! Especially once you post it in the forum. All is good!! This is all new for all of us and we are all learning!!

    Nancy Burke
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    No worries! No need to redo your uploads for the challenges, mommysribs- we’ve got you covered. 🙂 Just leave a note in the CURRENT challenge thread you’re participating in and we will find it in the gallery. These instructions are for FUTURE uploads. 🙂 We’re just working out the best ways to do things as our new little website evolves. Thanks so much for your patience and thanks for playing along!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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