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Hey Everyone! So excited that I finally have time to sit down and answer these questions — this queen bee has been BUSY! 😀

Question 1: What is your favorite Disney movie and why?

#BlackCauldron4Life!!! I could ask for nothing more in a Disney movie than an overzealous pig-boy, a sassy princess, dragons, an oracle pig, magic fairies, witches, a skeleton king, and an unidentifiable animal companion with the name “Gurgi” — Disney at its finest!

Question 2: Do you have any Disney collections? If so, what do you collect? And, if not, what
would you love to start collecting?

Guuuurl I collect crowns :3 Disney princesses better get to steppin’ and hustlin’ to catch up to my crown collection!

Question 3: What original, Disney-inspired papercraft, scrapbook project, or DIY project are you
most proud of that you have completed?

I colored inside the lines in my Disney-themed coloring books ^-^ #Lifegoals

Question 4: Are you a fan of the Disney Princesses? If so, which one and why? And, if not, feel
free to use this space to explain why not!

I have a very complex relationship with Disney princesses… I love how fabulous, confident, and beautiful the princesses are, which I try to embody each and every day, but I still have my frustrations with the happy-ending = marriage narrative… When taken into a historical context, they represent values of the time period they were created in, so I can’t fault them! Instead, I really embrace the princesses and storylines that tell a different happily-ever-after story like the Black Cauldron, for example, where the story ends with a genuine friendship between the protagonist and his ally princess, which I think speaks volumes to the types of relationships we should all strive for <3

Question 5: What is your ideal Disney Park day?

HELLOOO!!! The ideal park day is called the "Food and Wine Festival"!!! I walk in big freakin' circle around Epcot during low-wind, overcast weather during off-season and drink and eat myself into a luxurious coma ^0^