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Rachel Taylor
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Question 1: What is your favorite Disney movie and why?
Peter Pan .I have twin sons and when they were little they would watch it over and over again .it has a special place in my heart
uestion 2: Do you have any Disney collections? If so, what do you collect? And, if not, what
would you love to start collecting?
Oh wow I have a lot of collections :
Pins is my main one I have over 1000 and they are all in frames
Vinylmation I was obsessed with these when they were popular and have them in a coffee table under glass
Disney books I have 200 books about the parks ,a lot of them were hard to find .looking forward to the 50th anniversary hardback
Jim shore traditions I have these in a glass cabinet in my hall ,I love to look at them
Disney posters I have these framed around the house
Question 3: What original, Disney-inspired papercraft, scrapbook project, or DIY project are you
most proud of that you have complete
I love making altered books and I have a Peter Pan book I altered that is my favourite

Question 4: Are you a fan of the Disney Princesses? If so, which one and why? And, if not, feel
free to use this space to explain why not!
Love them ,Rapunzel is my favourite
Question 5: What is your ideal Disney Park day?
Ohanas for breakfast,Magic kingdom pirates,hm,people mover,dole whip ,parade,monorail to Epcot ,Soarin,test track walk to beach club dinner at beaches and cream ,watch fireworks, bed

Good lord that’s a lot of information! Sorry got carried away