Welcome Everyone to our Design Team Feature!

We’re featuring a special woman this week who has stolen the creative hearts of the DCC team, and we’re glad you’ve joined us to bask in her spotlight this month!

Lovely guests, please say “Hello!” to our featured design team member for this gorgeous month of May:

Michelle Sinclair!

Have you ever heard a name roll of the tongue so eloquently? Say it out loud with me: Michelle Sinclair! Ah! Add a little southern twang and it sounds like a princess name straight out of a Disney movie! But she is more than just a creator with a Disney-princess-eligible name – she is a hero.

Please join me, if you would, in giving Michelle a sincere, genuine moment of gratitude. She is one of the many heroes who has helped our communities persevere through the pandemic as a nurse in the UK.

From everyone at DCC, THANK YOU MICHELLE! <3

She is just one of the many talented princesses, or QUEENS if you will, to comprise our little Disney-inspired band here to serenade and parade Disney-infused scrapbooking skills and inspiration. Michelle has been with DCC since its very beginning stages, and we have had and continue to have the privilege to share her work with you, our delightful guests, from the very start.


Just like all of us at DCC, Disney runs through her veins! She shares: Disney always reminds me of the good times: memories of watching Mary Poppins as a child, over and over and over! I’m pretty sure I still know all the words of by heart. Singing along to Tarzan when my daughter was tiny and watching Monsters Inc. on repeat with my son, my children were brought up following my love of Disney.



Whether it’s Disney decorations on our Christmas trees or a copied Disney snack, Disney has always been a huge part of our lives.

Check out this delicious looking, Michelle-homemade-Disney-copy-snack! Doesn’t that look tasty?! And the background is *mwuah* fabulous!

Then visiting the Parks began. Disney Land Paris is our local theme park and I’m pleased to say we no longer need maps…. we are the map! We’ve been to Paris many times and walking down Main Street every visit is as exciting and magical as the 1st visit. Walt Disney World is our favourite Park and what started me scrapbooking. On returning from our 2008 trip to Florida, I wanted something more than just a photo album and discovered scrapbooking. Here I am, 14 years later, with a scrap room filled with Disney goodies from every park in the world. My favorite layout is a simple one — just a Mickey punch and some scraps are all you need.



Some of her scrapbook layouts are even beginner-friendly, so we encourage you to try them out for yourself like this Mickey-head silhouette to the left or the color swatch layout to the right!




And like any true Disney fan, she’s a collector!

Our house is filled with Disney magic, a memory in every room… even our Animal Kingdom themed bathroom. I always say ‘every day’s a Disney day!’ Whilst I collect many Disney things – cups, key rings and pens – my favourite thing to collect is Disney shoes, and I have A LOT OF THEM! Even Toms UK posted my ‘Mary Poppins’ shoes photo!









From the bottom of our hearts from the DCC Team, Michelle, you are beloved and your Disney-essenced work never ceases to inspire us and our community who we are so grateful to share your work with! 

Thank you for taking this journey with us into Michelle’s inspiration and love for Disney, and be sure to continue to keep an eye out for new Disney-inspired content from her on the regular!