Jackie has created a fabulous scrapbook page using ‘Colors of Magic’ palette #111. This color palette is a favorite for holiday pictures and Jackie has done a wonderful job incorporating these colors in her scrapbook page.

Colors of Magic #111

Do you have any pictures that would match this color palette? Jackie’s picture from 2019 is a perfect choice to go with this palette. Can you match the Colors of Magic to the colors in her picture and the papers and elements she chose?

“Holiday Fun” by Jackie Ashton

She also used some cute embellishment from our sister site, Scraps and Ink Crafts. I love how she used the ‘Stacked Mouse Tree’ metal cutting die to make these layered paper trees. And look at that cute swirly tree from the ‘Merry Lil’ Christmas’ printed acrylics set!

‘Stacked Mouse Tree’ metal cutting die

‘Merry Lil’ Christmas’ printed acrylics

There are so many fun embellishments next to the title card. There is a sparkly mouse padded applique from the ‘Christmas Collection’, a ‘Sparkle Gem’, a candy mint mouse from the ‘Christmas Mini Bits’ acrylics, and It’s My Favorite Time of the Year from the ‘Christmas Plaids’ printed acrylics set.

‘Christmas Collection’ small padded appliques

‘Christmas Mini Bits’ acrylics

‘Christmas Plaids’ printed acrylics

Jackie used ‘Christmas Mini Bits’ and ‘Sparkle Gems’ randomly on the rest of her scrapbook page. In the bottom corner of this next image you’ll see just a little bit of the double candy cane acrylic from the ‘Gingerbread Lane’ printed acrylics set.

‘Gingerbread Lane’ printed acrylics

Overall, Jackie created a beautiful page using ‘Colors of Magic’ palette #111. The layers and the embellishments really work well together to highlight her photograph.

What are some of your favorite colors to use? Please share your ideas and projects with us on Facebook and Instagram! We love to hear from you!

From all of us here at DCC, Have a Magical Day!